Your target audience matters - how clear strategic shifts can x18 conversion rates

Their core mission is to make it easy for people to be sustainable.

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Project Timeline
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Project Overview

The foundation of EFUEL, and their vision in itself, is built upon the belief that the energy industry is going through a major shift. Their core mission is to make it easy for people to be sustainable. 

By offering smart and user-friendly products and services, EFUEL helps their customers switch to be more climate smart with their car ownership. They make it easy to charge your electric car at home, at work and along the way.

During 2022, EFUEL decided to shift their target audience from end-customers (charging at home) into wholesale and resellers. Turning electricians to ambassadors and further building on their existing partner network. As a core in this transformation, marketing automation and customer relationship management has played a central role. The shift took place during Q2 2022 and after six months Nimble reported a 53 % increase in conversion rate from the implemented nurturing automation and an increase in their active partner network with 40 %. Together with the sales team we have built internal processes and funnels to improve reporting and efficiency.

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Transformation

Project Execution

The strategic shift in business focus definitely challenged the set up at that time. By conducting workshops and interviews we researched the demand of internal processes and unique selling points from a wholesale perspective. 

Firstly, the strategy of converting prospecting leads into partner accounts was established. When having this process implemented we launched lead generation campaigns on site through paid social and paid search. In addition, we supported integrating forms to capture leads from industry related events and fairs.

The top of the funnel kept on being filled with prospects. However, the challenge was to activate them, placing their first, second and later purchases. Content based on the segment and target persona was created to nurture new and existing partners.


Marketing automation used both to nurture prospecting leads as well as driving internal sales processes has been the winning strategy for EFUEL. The activation of existing data and the cleaning process of CRM has been a successful factor for them with ambitions to grow further and expand target segments. We look forward to a strong and rewarding collaboration moving forward.

  • 53 % increase in conversion rate of first purchase among new partners.
  • 39 % increase in retention rate, triggered by lack of purchase within 60 days.
  • 40 % increase in active partner network Q4 2023 compared to Q3 2023.
  • 44 % increased open rate and 26 % click rate on first touch email with new prospects.

This has been a collaborative partnership across Nimble and EFUEL. Working with EFUELs CEO, CTO, CMO, sales team and technology team to continuously find new ways of delivering on growth, data and excellence. 

Working with EFUEL has given us the possibility to stay on top of our toes to always exceed expectations, this by having regular follow ups of projects and KPIs so that we together can continue to challenge each other to do better. 

Working with Nimble is a blissful experience. They are an immensely highly-skilled and professional partner with in-depth knowledge of the entire digital ecosystem. Our partnership has unified EFUEL’s approach to digital transformation (growth, data and excellence) and it’s exactly like Nimble is EFUEL, not an external partner. We’re always looking for the next thing to ensure we follow our northern star together. - Joakim Billstrand, CMO, EFUEL