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Our core is who we are, as such, Nimblers are immensely important for our combined success. While we might have high standards and requirements, we also believe in rewarding well.

At Nimble you matter and you'll have the chance to advance exactly how far as you're interested in - we have well-developed  career frameworks with clear expectations. And yep, we have great Compensation and Benefits as well. See more about that further below.

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Nimble Compensation and Benefits Package

High and clear expectations, with the possibility of advancing through several different career tracks and very proud of how we shape businesses also need to be matched in terms of what we offer.

Who we are

Salary Bands

Our salary bands are reviewed regularly and are set to be among the best in the industry, based on this we also expect the best from everyone that are part of Nimble, our expectations are higher than most.

Grow With Us

We want to give from our success and grow together, thus the creation and implementation of our Loyalty and equity program happened. It means in practise that you will get equity after a certain period of time.

Occupational Pension

Everyone at Nimble gets pension paid out monthly and we use Avanza - where you’re free to choose where to place your money to see it grow.

Paid Vacation

We provide 30 days of paid vacation.
Also, Midsummer, Christmas Eve and New Years are off. You are free to choose to take these three days off on other days if you prefer.


Yearly Bonus - We set yearly goals for Nimble, if we reach or exceed the yearly goals - we will pay out a yearly bonus to everyone.
Spot Bonuses.
New Client Bonuses.

Wellness Grant

Obviously we promote health and wellness, as such we try to be as generous as possible here.
5000 SEK per year is our wellness grant - get out there and get healthy.

Paid Parental Leave

We want to be THE employer throughout every different phase of life.
It’s expensive to become a parent and we’ll want to make your life easier, as such you will have your salary 100% matched.

Drinks and Breakfast

We keep a fridge filled with goodies to drink.
And you guessed it, we keep another fridge filled with breakfast to eat (or that late afternoon craving).

After works and Team Activities

We love after works.
Yes, we also love doing activities together.

Courses and Educations

We’re sending people away to learn more, a shocker, right?

Flexibility Friendly

We combine working flexible with working from the office.