Paid Video

Reach potential customers where they're watching. Work with Nimble Creative and tactics such as sequential video paths.

Paid Video Capabilities

It's critical to set up a complete strategy to maximize profit from paid video or programmatic ads. At Nimble, we make sure you reach out to potential consumers where they are in every step of the funnel, and we use a new simplified and assistive workflow that increases efficiency and performance.

What we offer

Paid Video / Programmatic

  • Youtube 
  • Vimeo 
  • MediaMatch 
  • Google Ad Manager 
  • AdRoll 
  • PubMatic 
  • Adobe Advertising 
  • Cloud DSP 
  • Criteo 
  • Xandr

Campaign set-up

  • Selecting the best Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for your ad creatives and campaign type based on company goals and KPIs.
  • Campaign objectives for success.

Targeting and Segmentation

  • Full funnel advanced targeting. 
  • Advanced 1P audience segments. 
  • Omni-channel customer data integration.
  • Audience scoring through CRM and Analytics data exports. 

Optimizations and Creative Management

  • Personalization & advanced A/B testing to capture the full impact of video campaigns including, full funnel and cross-channel impact.
  • Fully automated data-driven bidding strategies across all video properties.. 
  • Budget forecasting and optimization.


  • Bid automation (LTV, profit margin, conversion upload, attribution, etc.).
  • Budget automation. 
  • Use of API (automated link between media and operations).

Data and Analytics

  • Cross-channel, data-driven attribution.
  • Bidding towards data driven attribution.
  • Measurement of offline data.