Paid Social

With tailor made full funnel strategies for each platform and artificial intelligence solutions, we make businesses grow their social presence and performance exponentially.

Paid Social Capability

It sounds easy to publish a few campaigns and ads targeted to audiences based solely on the pixel data together with a lifetime budget. But at Nimble, we focus on what the product is, what data availability there is and create tailor-made funnel strategies based on what the KPIs are. Every company should have a tailor-made funnel strategy that suits the best for what the companies targets and KPIs are. Otherwise, it is easy to stare at numbers that don't contribute to achieving the target goal and the forecast becomes blurry in the end. At Nimble, we use AI based audiences, together with tailor-made creatives for each phase of the funnel together with a strong understanding of the product, the data sources and what the set KPIs and targets are in the business model.

What we offer


  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Full funnel strategy
  • Audience creation and optimisation
  • Trend analysis
  • Creative A/B testing
  • Auction experiments 


  • ABM Marketing
  • Demographic analysis
  • Full funnel strategy
  • Lead Gen Creation
  • Related Job Title Research
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Company List Targeting


  • Audit of Organic Presence
  • Monitoring Paid Comment Section 
  • Narrow Targeting Practises
  • Brand Personality for the Ads
  • Creation of Hashtags
  • Trend Analysis
  • Direct Messaging


  • Immersive Ad Formats
  • Advanced Targeting Capabilities
  • Advance Setting Creation
  • Intelligent Creative Optimization
  • Policy Checks on Content


  • 2-Step Funnel
  • Trend Analysis 
  • Lifestyle Review and Search Trends
  • Purchase Inspiration Trends
  • Shopping and Personalized Campaigns


  • Trend Analysis
  • Authentic Content Creation
  • 100% Ad Share
  • Organic Keyword Research 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Evaluation of Campaign Goal
  • Threshold Check Ins for Conversions