Paid Search

Deliver customised ad experiences at scale with full-funnel campaign coverage in the SEM landscape together with fully automated bid strategies to help better optimise for high value leads.

Paid Search Capabilities

To streamline your paid search structure, we at Nimble develop an effective strategy for gaining new customers and nurturing existing ones based on your company goals and KPIs. Here, we employ a thorough keyword approach as well as upper, mid, and lower funnel targeting strategies and take full advantage of features based on machine learning, such as automated bidding, ad variations and dynamic search ads (DSA).

What we offer

Search Marketing Platforms

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Ads 
  • Apple Search Ads 
  • Taboola Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini Ads 
  • AdRoll 
  • Bidvertiser 
  • BuySellAds 
  • Revcontent ‍
  • TikTok Search Ads

Campaign Funnel Strategies

  • Simple & automation friendly account structures.
  • Comprehensive keyword strategy and research for full funnel keyword coverage.
  • Competitive keyword density.
  • Campaign media plan set-up.

Targeting and Segmentation

  • Full funnel advanced targeting.
  • Google-created audience segments, (affinity, detailed demographic)
  • Advanced 1P audience segments (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Customer Match, and Online to Offline data linked to Audiences).
  • Omni-channel customer data integration.
  • Audience scoring through CRM and Analytics data exports. 

Optimizations and Ad Management

  • Personalization & advanced A/B testing to deliver optimised copy, creatives and extensions.
  • Fully automated data-driven bidding strategies across all search channels. 
  • Manual campaign optimization. 
  • Budget forecasting.


  • Bid automation (LTV, profit margin, conversion upload, attribution, etc.).
  • Budget automation. 
  • Use of API (automated link between media and operations).

Data and Analytics

  • Cross-channel, data-driven attribution.
  • Bidding towards data driven attribution.
  • Measurement of offline data.