Starting out or have several puzzle pieces in place? We’ll accelerate your digital maturity and shape your business, working with the whole funnel and perfecting the art of growth and data. We’re there to ensure you adopt and adapt to tomorrow’s technologies, transforming every part of your business.

Nimble Excellence Capability

Digital advisory, guidance, digital maturity framework, data thinking, n-design thinking and digital transformation, combined with digital growth and data provides the capabilities needed to shape your business and products for today and tomorrow.

What we offer

Digital Maturity Framework

  • Digital Game Changer
  • Inceptive
  • Arising
  • Interconnected
  • Vanguard

Digital Strategy and Transformation

  • Nimble Digital Strategy
  • Nimble Digital Transformation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Digital Transformation Audit
  • Digital Reinvention
  • Emerging Opportunities

Digital Advisory & Marketing Evaluation

  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Market Strategy and Expansion
  • Nimble Management Consulting
  • Digital Advisory
  • Market Assessment
  • New and Emerging Markets Evaluation

Brand & Product Repositioning

  • Data Thinking
  • Nimble Design Thinking
  • Product and Brand Repositioning
  • Best Practice Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Internal Data Capabilities Assessments
  • Data Driven Solution Concept

Commerce, App, B2B, Subscription Services

  • Commerce, App, B2B, Subscription Services
  • Commerce Maturity
  • Build The Foundation
  • Activate Marketing
  • Deliver an Experience
  • Manage & Grow
  • App Marketing Strategy
  • Freemium Business Model
  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Subscription Services Marketing Strategy
  • Data Enrichment
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Second Opinion

  • Business Case Evaluation
  • Digital Marketing Review
  • Organizational Review
  • Platform Review
  • Pitch Review
  • Business Proposal Review
  • Cost / Budget Review
  • Talent Review