We are Nimble

Nimble Digital was founded in March 2020 and our vision is to remain the boutique expert partner within growth, data and excellence.

We’re a hybrid between management consultants and a data-driven digital agency. We believe in partnerships where we deliver high impact results and business value. We shape your business.

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The core of Nimble

We're all about the people and that's where we start and strive to develop continuously. With everyone at Nimble playing a vital role for the our combined success - we do our utmost to ensure a strong leadership, happy Nimblers, meaningfulness and strong compensation in relation to impact and autonomy.

Other areas we focus on is personal development, team feeling, belonging, competence development and overall engagement.

With our Nimblers as the foundation we then help shape businesses and open your eyes to what opportunity really means. We dare to say that we will change the way you see, approach and think of digital maturity, growth and data.

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