Boutique – Elevated.
Personalized – Attention.
Quality – No overhead.
Global – Raw innovation.

Experience raw digital innovation and enjoy a sublime consideration of boutique without limits. Elevated ease in your element. Every element of Nimble is designed with pure digital power in mind to offer convenience and personal attention globally. Quality reinvented.

About us

Quality and Relationships.

We're a boutique agency that specializes in growth, data, and excellence – transparent, innovative and kind.

We're a unique blend of management consultants and data-driven digital experts, and we're committed to delivering high-impact results and business value to our clients.

We shape your business.

About Nimble

Vanguard experience and services.


We will not only apply digital, instead we will together be digital. Our Growth framework ensures a holistic approach, shattering silos and focusing on continuous conversion across the full funnel combined with tomorrow’s smart technology.


Let’s make sense of your data and find actionable insights for your business. Nimble’s data team builds differentiated solutions based on machine learning tools, cloud and algorithms to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.


Starting out or have several puzzle pieces in place? We’ll accelerate your digital maturity and shape your business, working with the whole funnel and perfecting the art of growth and data. We’re there to ensure you adopt and adapt to tomorrow’s technologies, transforming every part of your business.

Marketing Automation

Automate and measure the success of your nurturing strategy with an omni-channel approach. Achieve customer-centric interactions based on data with dynamic audience segmentation, action-based delivery, predictive modeling and real-time hyper personalization.

Paid Social

With tailor made full funnel strategies for each platform and artificial intelligence solutions, we make businesses grow their social presence and performance exponentially.

Paid Search

Deliver customised ad experiences at scale with full-funnel campaign coverage in the PPC landscape together with fully automated bid strategies to help better optimise for high value leads.



What are we all about, really? Basically our focus has always been on people, relationships and based on this foundation we deliver growth, data and excellence.


Hand-picked clients

We believe in mutual beneficial relationships. We pick each other and less is more - we're serious about boutique.



Amidst Covid-19 we founded Nimble and we're proud being trusted by our clients to shape their brands and businesses.



Selected to benefit growth and data - only cutting-edge platforms and solutions with continous evaluation.


Women / Men %

People matter and women are awesome. Not to mention the relationships and culture we foster. Simple as that.


Digital Maturity Framework.


This stage captures a business that is new to digital maturity, establishing trust in both data and cross-organisational collaboration within for example growth. There might be data silos, or no data collection or discovery at all, and likely very little teamwork. Same applies to the growth area, which likely is in it's inceptive stage.


Common characteristics of an arising business include leaning in to the data and growth democracy created through the inceptive stage, taking on a solid test-and-learn philosophy, and keeping close track of the business’s progress. More data sharing will likely also be happening, but more learning and communicating still needs to occur.


As a business reaches this stage, data is actively shared between teams, and then efficiently used to produce results, as well as how the whole growth approach is done. Online and offline data will start to become intertwined, and the use of tools like cloud solutions and technology start to become a focus.


At the last stage, which denotes full digital maturity (and is a rare achievement), a business is digitally mature. They are able to make every interaction with the customer count, delivering personalised experiences and using custom attribution models to understand their success. To stay digital mature, tomorrow's technology need to continuously be evaluated.